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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indoor flooring options.. go brick!

I've always loved the rustic, industrial, and nostalgic qualities clay brick brings to a home. It lays a warm welcome up a circular driveway and an inviting walkway to the front door. Exposed brick walls are one of my favorite design elements because they work well with so many different color palettes and decor styles. So why not give brick a go in the indoor flooring department? It's durable, low maintenance and looks incredible. They fit perfectly in a kitchen, an entryway, foyer, office, sun room, living room, you name it! As I sipped my morning java, I pulled up my favorite search engine to do a little research. Every picture I found was better than the next. All photos courtesy of google image search: indoor brick flooring. xoxo- jennifer bianca

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While I enjoy blogging, it takes a certain amount of free time that a mother of two isn't privy to very often. I dream of a day when the kids are older and I can curl up in a cushy home office space of my own to spill over decor pictures and blog my little heart out. Until then.. I instagram. It's a photo sharing app available on iphone, ipads, and a few other tablet and smart phone devices. I update my feed daily with picture of projects, my decor, inspiration, food, and generally anything I fancy in life. While I will continue to blog, keep up to date with me @casettabianca on Instagram! Happy Decorating! -xoxo jennifer bianca
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A fresh take on toile...

When it comes to home decor and your personal sanctuary one must follow the words of Shakespeare, "to thine own self be true." While branching out a bit in design will help your style look fresh, don't stray too far from your personality or you'll find yourself never being truly happy with your space. Toile print is one of those love it or leave it accents for most and through the years I've continued to be a huge fan. My next project will be to find the perfect gray and white toile wallpaper for my dining room. Below are a few pictures I like because the toile is used in a non traditional and chic way. What style elements are must haves in your home? xoxo - jennifer bianca
beautiful pink and orange...

mixing toile done just right!

rustic and warm..

I love the use of toile wallpaper on the ceiling.

I'm searching for a print such as this for my dining room.

cozy and romantic...
so chic...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ready for a garden party...

Well kids, I've put the finishing (for now) touches on my outdoor pergola project. I wanted a rectangular  table and I've been rolling over ideas in my head on the choice of material and styles: wrought iron, aluminum, farmhouse plank...and then it hit me! "What about a classic, no-frills picnic table?" Immediately I envisioned hanging lanterns casting a soft glow on a distressed white picnic seat. Done and done...I couldn't be more pleased! My backyard is all set for dining al fresco. xoxo- jennifer bianca

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Backyard bliss...

While my blog has been put on the back burner, the projects at my home have been in full swing. I'm excited to share one of my favorite updates to our home. As some of my readers know, I blogged about outdoor chandeliers and amazing backyard retreats a few weeks ago. Ever since then I've been dying to create an outdoor oasis for my family to enjoy. While we have a small teak patio set that provides seating and shelter from the sun, we were missing a place to dine with friends and family. I love outdoor pergolas, but I definitely did not love the price tag that came with buying one premade or built and installed; prices range anywhere from $2000-$5000 for the size I wanted. With a sigh I thought, "well that's not happening soon." However, not too many days later, I came across this pergola in a Pottery Barn store and thought, "I can totally make that on a bigger scale for the backyard!" (with the help of my muscle, of course!) 

Pergola inside Pottery Barn store: inspiration.

Thus, our project began! It took two days to complete, from tearing up the sod to the final touches of potted plants. Total money spent: just under $400 to complete! I'd say that's a far cry from the $3000 I quoted on the internet. While I'm still in the process of finding just the right rectangular dining table and options for chandelier lighting, I couldn't help but share my excitement in what we've built! I hope you enjoy the photos and are inspired to shake up your outdoor space just in time for Spring/Summer! xoxo - jennifer bianca

Tearing up sod is mch harder than it looks!
my handsome husband and my muscle
every DIYer gets their hands dirty!
loading up on our lumber
after digging holes and cementing in 4x4 beams
potting some annuals for added eye candy
finished project! wood sealed with clear coat
using a table I have until I find a rectangular table I like...

I chose pea pebbles because they remind me of the English gardens I adore...
new spot for my herb box
I can't wait for my climbing roses to make their way up and over the pergola!
 At night.. currently searching for a chandelier to grace the space..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Setting the stage...

The foyer is the entry way into your home and to me, it's like the opening act in a play. It can set the mood, tone, and feeling of your home in an instant. First impressions are everything and in the world of design, this is it. Whether you prefer sophisticated and chic, clean and simple, or relaxed and welcoming, it's important to pick pieces for your foyer that reflect your personality and flow with the other decor in the house. Here are a few inspiring pictures to collect ideas from..happy decorating! xo -jennifer bianca
decor pad

decor pad

decor pad

decor pad

decor pad

decor pad

decor pad

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ceramic sensation...

house and home magazine



kelly wearstler
Hanging plates on the wall isn't just for your 85 year old grandmother anymore. Lately I've been seeing some creative and stylish ways to arrange plates to make an interesting and artist focal point. Whether there is a definitive pattern or they are placed at random, plates are a wonderful alternative to artwork in frames. Growing up, my mother always had the most beautifully eclectic collection of hanging plates so I can definitely say I'm partial to the look. The other week I was wondering the aisles of Home Goods and I came across some cute pottery and decided they would have a perfect spot along my family room mirror. Your local craft store, such as Michael's, should stock plate hangers. I've only just started my arrangement, but here is a peek... xoxo-jennifer bianca
starting my collection
vintage saucers would be a great addition.. on the hunt..