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Sunday, January 27, 2013

What a weekend...

As Sunday draws to a close and the weekend is about to wrap, I sit here at my desk spilling over the final images photographer, Liz Kane-Blanco has just sent me. I had another great session set & prop styling for her on Saturday. This mock engagement photoshoot is for existing and potential clients to get an idea of what it's like to have set design added to their photoshoot experience. Even though these two are models and in fact not dating (astonishing, I know!), I think they were feeling the mojo of the set; I'm beyond thrilled with the amount of passion, romance, and happiness that is eating through the lens. I could upload dozens of photos, but I'll try my best to refrain...  it's hard to pick just a few when they are all so great! If you're living in the South Florida area and are considering a photoshoot with set design please email your inquiries to xoxo - jennifer

Doing my thing behind the scenes...





Decor inspiration: Oversized pendant lights...

I know that many women favor fashion and especially their jewelry. We have that one go-to necklace or bracelet that is our statement piece; the one item that can transform a basic outfit into an assemble with the "wow" factor. In home decor, especially in the kitchen, I think oversized pendant lighting is the icing the cake, the dazzling cocktail ring that completes the look.... and while I usually favor a glittering chandelier adorned with crystals, I'm also drawn to the rustic and industrial simplicity of a pendant light. Here a few of my favorites and I hope you find some inspiration to stir up a new look in your kitchen! xoxo - jennifer bianca

Martha Stewart

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Coastal Living Magazine

Friday, January 25, 2013

Casetta Bianca out of the house and on location....

Exciting new things are happening with my company! My passion for design consulting and decorating is expanding; I've now added set design and styling to the docket. I'm working with local photographers to create fun and inspired sets that exude whimsy and personality. I absolutely love this new venture because it feeds my constant hunger to decorate, style, and share my ideas of what I find beautiful and enlivening. The pictures below are the sets I styled for two different photo shoots with a very talented photographer, Liz Kane-Blanco. Her fresh take on life and enthusiam for what she does comes through the lense and into every one of her pictures. For more of her work visit her Facebook page, Liz Kane-Blanco Photography or her website at
I hope you enjoy these little bits of lovely... xoxo - jennifer bianca

Treasure hunting...

Yes, I am a pirate. I've always been one. Treasure hunting has been a part of my life ever since the time I was 8 years old, roaming antique stores in search of old baubles, perfume bottles, and tea cups to add to my collection. I'm one to gravitate towards things that possess years and time because I know they hold a story. I love to sit and wonder who had these treasures before me and curiously think what their life may have been like... (sigh) Well enough romanticizing, here are a few of my favorite new finds! xoxo - jennifer

Antique trunk circa 1920 that I gray washed and is now my new coffee table in the family room.

Vintage 1960's french inspired headboard with cane and floral details...

1940's mirrored tray that adorns my antique trunk turned coffee table.

Cookie enjoying a bit of sunlight in the family room.

Stopping to smell the roses...

Hello? Is this thing still on?? My poor blog has been abandoned for over 8 months and needs some TLC. Life has been bustling with so many wonderful things that I've not taken a moment to update. While I am not one to "pin"  I have been keeping up on my Instagram account and want to thank those who are following me. It's most convenient to share snippets of my life and daily inspiration on Instagram, but my goal is to steadily keep my blog on track! We've recently ushered in a new year that I feel, without reservation, has endless possibilities. I've always been a firm believer in "stopping to smell the roses" and I've taken time to do just that... These are the things in my life that I savore and cherish: my family, the scent of the roses in my garden, and a good glass of champagne. I hope your 2013 is starting off on a happy, healthy, and positive note! xoxo - jennifer
My daughter, Sienna, ready to ring in the New Year!

Cheers to life!

Enjoying coffee, roses from my garden, my son, Ronan, and our cheeful shih tzu, Cookie.

My house is teeming with roses, love putting them in every nook and cranny!

My son, Ronan. Shorts in December...that's a lovely thing!

My daughter, Sienna.

Capturing the morning light spilling into my living room.